By Air

Kefallonia Airport (IATA:EFL,  ICAO:LGKF) is the nearest to Ithaca. Upon arrival need to move to Sami port by road (33,2 km) and then take the ship to Ithaca. In the case flight schedules do not match with ship schedules , you can always use the  passenger boats or sea taxi to/ from Ithaca.

Aktion-Preveza  Airport (ΙΑΤΑ: PVK , ΙCAO:LGPZ) is on the mainland. You can move to Lefkada by road & then board to Ithaca through the ports of Nydri ( 34 km from the airport) and Vasiliki ( 54,9 Km).

Araxos (ΙΑΤΑ: PVK , ΙCAO:LGPZ) Airport is located near the city of Patras The distance is appx 40, it takes preliminary 30 minutes drive. During the summer period civil airlines carry out flights in the airport generally as charter flights, but also not only.International air carriers such as AEROFLOT - AIR BERLIN - JETAIR - TUIFLY - SMARTWINGS - RYANAIR connect European cities MOSCOW - DUSSELDORF - MILANO - PAPHOS - PRAGUE - STUGGART with Peloponesse.

By Ship

Ithaca has three harbors Piso Aetos, Vathi & Frikes.
The harbor of Piso Aetos receives the main volume of shipping routes. The harbors of Vathy and Frikes cater for supplementary needs.
The shipping connection of Ithaca with the mainland is through the harbours of Patras and Astakos. 
- Patra - Kefallonia-Ithaca      
- Astakos-Kefallonia-Ithaca    

There are direct connections through Kefallonia and Lefkada. Ithaca has a direct connection with Sami in Kefallonia, and the harbour of Vasiliki in Lefkada. In the summer months there are connections to Fiskardo in Kefallonia and Nydri in Lefkada.
- Sami (Kefallonia)-Ithaca
- Vasiliki (Lefkada)–Ithaca    



By private speed boat or Sea Taxi.
Day or night quick and safe private or group sea transfer is offered... 
from/to Ithaca - Kefalonia, 
from/to Ithaca - Lefkas
from/to Ithaca - Astakos
from/to Ithaca -Patra.

Luggage, bicycles and pet tranfers allowed.

For more information pls contact.