Taste the Traditional Cooking 
Ithacan cuisine makes the best use of local wine, oil from unripe olives, meat and fish reared and caught locally. What also makes a distinctive contribution to food prepared in Ithaca is the use of the diverse range of local vegetables and wild greens easily available in allotments, gardens and the surrounding hillsides.
Ithacans love to add to their food herbs found on the island such as sapsychos of the marjoram family and which can only be found in Ithaca and is used in a variety of dishes. We must not ignore the liberal use of sage, oregano, wild thyme and, especially, barbaroza, found in every garden and which flavours so many of the domestic ‘spoon sweets’.
The cooking habits of the ‘seven Ionian islands’ have also been influenced by the Venetians who left behind them a cosmopolitan and gourmet heritage and, indeed, many local dishes retain, to this day, their original Italian names, e.g. bourghetto, savoro, poulenta, sofigado, polpette, toumatsi, castagnole. The British also left their mark with ginger beer which, sadly, is no longer produced on the island. Today, perhaps the most characteristic Ithacan dish is chicken ‘tserepa’ cooked in a sealed earthenware dish.
Tserepa- The traditional recipe of chicken backed in special ithakician utensil 
Sofigado- Sofigado is a rich, sweet and sour beef stew with quinces and petimezi (grape-must syrup) and its history, is rooted in the times of Venetian occupation.
Savoro- The savoro is traditional Ionian recipe for marinated fish in vinegar with rosemary, garlic and black currant.
Polpette- The venetian recipe for meatballs cooked with special, traditional way 
But, we must never forget sweets! A visitor must taste the famous ‘rovani’ sweet .Other choices include homemade ‘gourmades’, sweet fruit preserves, ‘halva’, and the traditional ‘fanouropita’ as well as the more modern ‘troufa’. These sweets enjoyed after a meal or at home or in a cafe make the best use of oil and honey with the considered addition of grape must wherever required. 
Traditional sweet made only in Ithaca, created from honey, rice and olive oil. 
Modern Ithaki's sweet you must taste if you love chocolate!!
During your vacation you will experience the greek "KEFI" in the bars located on the island & in various Ithaca's local events  where you can "exaust" your energy dancing till early morning...
But you can also enjoy your drink followed by soft music with the view of the Lazareto under the unique moonlight.. 

The choice is yours....!!