Swim in Paradise ...

Filiatro Beach 
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 Filiatro is one of the closest beaches to Vathy, the capital of Ithaca. The crystalline waters are ideal for all family. The beach consists of white shiny pebbles . Trees coming down to the sea shore offer natural shade.There are also umbrellas & sunbeds you can rent as well as a beach bar where you can have a snak or a drink.The beach is highly recommended for a relaxing sunbathing and a refreshing swim.
Gidaki Beach
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Gidaki beach is an attractive and isolated beach accessed only by boat from the port of Vathy. There is also a hiking trail if you like trakking.
Gidaki beach consists of white shiny pebbles .You can find few sunbeds & during August a beach bar opens to offer you coffee,drinks & a few snaks.
 This paradise beach with its placid and crystal clear waters coupled with the splendid backdrop is perfect for a cruise. It is the best choice for a relaxing sunbathing and a unique swimming experience. 
Dexa Beach
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Dexa beach is only 2 km far from Vathy. The beach offers natural shaded areas for a relaxing sunbathing and has for blue and transparent waters .There is a beach bar serving cold drinks.  It is one of the best swimming spots close to the town.
According to the Myth, Odysseus was ended up here after the Trojan War & his wanderings at sea . In this beach the olive tree is still located , where goddess Athena met Odysseus & arranged the slaughter of the suitors.
Skinos is the large bay to the east of the port of Ithaca. You arrive here after covering a distance of three kilometers from Vathi. 
A small footpath at the end, will get you through dense vegetation, pine trees, cypresses and palm trees to the beach of Skinos. The pine trees come down to the sea, while the enclosed bay is verdant, creating a fairytale atmosphere.
The beach is narrow and rocky and there are pine trees in many parts, offering shade and coolness. The water in Skinos is not particularly deep, ideal for endless swimming.
Agios Ioannis
This is a large, quiet beach on the west coast. It has pretty white pebbles and a view of Kefallonia.Here, the green of Mount Niritos meets the blue of the sea in a unique combination. Visitors choose this beach so as to enjoy the sea, the tranquillity and the enchanting sunset.

On the left side of the entrance to the harbour of Vathy, under the Venetian canons, we find the pretty, sandy beach of Loutsa. It is ideal for families and very close to Vathy.

This is a small beach with pebbles and turquoise waters. There is a small sea-cave with two entrances, one from the sea and the other from land. The reef that reaches the large rock that juts out of the sea, is ideal for snorkelling and diving for beginners. Reaching the beach requires a boat.